The End of Term 3 in P5A

The end of Term 3 was a busy time for all classes across the school and P5A had their fair share of excitement!  Some of the children took part in the whole school gymnastics competition.  Well done to all of the P5s who took part as it took lots of confidence to perform in front of the whole school.  Two of the boys from P5A were lucky enough to score highly and were awarded certificates for their performance.

The class also had their last golf session with Gordon and Sam from Newmachar Golf Club.  It was an exciting time as the children were using all of the skills they had developed during the 5 sessions to aim their shots accurately to hit the huge blow up dartboard target.  Gordon, Sam and myself were all impressed with the focus and concentration by all children during the sessions.  There are definitely a lot of budding golfers with excellent driving and putting skills!  The whole class are looking forward to visiting Newmachar Golf Club in Term 4 to test their skills on a real golf course!


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