P6A’s Mindful Morning with Gillian

Today saw our penultimate session of Paws B with Gillian. We looked at our storytelling brain.

Gillian talked us through some examples of times where our brain might tell us stories that are not quite true. We used a snowball analogy – as a snowball rolls, it gathers more snow and gets bigger and bigger. We watched a couple of cartoon clips which showed what happens when we let our mind tell us stories.

We talked about strategies to help us refocus our thinking. Our first strategy is to breathe.  We have learned different ways of using our breathing to help us calm and focus.

We explored other recognisable characters to help us such as Scooby Doo and Captain Hook and looked at their feelings. We talked about good thing times to let our mind make up stories and times when it wouldn’t be helpful.

Gillian taught us that our storytelling mind can be like a kite. If the wind tries to pull it away we need to hold strong and breathe! We can take control and not get in a muddle.

We’ll see Gillian for our final session next week.

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