P6A Books, Brain Training and a Neuroscientist!

Good morning, we have had a very interesting week!

On Tuesday, we had our third Mindfulness session with Gillian. This week we focused on emotions and talked about ‘having a wobble’.  We learned that the insula is the part of the brain responsible for emotions. We talked about times where we have wobbled a little – or a lot- and how we felt afterwards. Gillian used Weeble toys to show us that although the Weebles can wobble a little or a lot- they never fall down. They always end up standing tall. We learned a new breathing technique using our hands and fingers. We always have our breath and hands with us so if we feel we need to calm, we can rely on those things.

On Wednesday we had a visit from Peter. He is a STEM Ambassador. He spoke to us about using our brains and how we can aim to be anything we wish because our brains are capable of amazing things. He was impressed with oir knowledge of the hippocampus and the prefrontal cortex. He, and Elena, helped us with two activities as past of Workd Maths Day. Peter showed us sugar and salt diluted in different solutions. We got to taste the differences. Most of us found the salty solution too strong. Elena, had pictures of different brains. We had to determine which brain belonged to which animal/human.

Thursday was World Book Day! We came dressed up as characters or in our pjs. We took part in the design a book token competition. We could choose between creating a quiz, a word search or a bookmark. We visited P1A and P1B after lunch. They chose a story and we read with them. We had to read fluently and used lots of expression.



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