Our Absafe Trip P7B

We had an amazing time at Absafe. We learned how to stay safe and learn about different hazards in the different rooms. P7B learnt about train safety, road safety, kitchen hazards, risks in a living room and hoax calls and also a quiz at the start and at the end to compare the differences.
Train safety – our groups learnt how long it takes for a train to stop, how fast a train moves at and how hazardous it is to go on a train track.
Road safety – P7B learnt how to keep safe around busy roads and what the consequences are if you get hit by a moving vehicle.
Kitchen hazards – We learnt how to stay safe in the kitchen and how alcohol and drugs affect your body. we also learnt some of the risks in a normal kitchen such as knives, medicine and others.

Bedroom hazards – This was very helpful, all of us enjoyed learning about bedroom hazards. The things we learnt was mostly about bullying. P7B played who wants to be a millionaire and different questions about bullying.

Train Safety – We learnt what risks there is in on a train station and train tracks. We learnt all about the dangers of the tracks and how much a train weighs.

Living room risks – We all enjoyed learning about the risks that could happen in a living room, such as Fire places and and lamps. This was one of the favourites.

Internet safety – We liked learning about cyber bullying and the dangers of social media. we learnt about passwords and watched a short film about a couple and the males ex girlfriend found his phone and started texting his present girlfriend.


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