Primary 4B Update

As always we have been busy doing lots of different learning this week. For our Victorian topic, we have been focusing  on children’s rights and been comparing the rights we have today as a child with a Victorian child.

We have also been learning more about the differences between wants and needs. We were sent a mission where we had to decide on which 24 items to take to space with us, then we were told we had to eliminate 9 of these, it was tricky to decide. Miss Baldacci got another message from mission control saying the spaceship we were going to be travelling on had even less space than we thought so we could then only take 10 items. It was difficult to decide and some of us had to give up our luxury items. Poor Aaron and Lexie did not get to take their hamster and dog, However, Dylan and Milly will be cosy as they were allowed to keep their sleeping bag and pyjamas.

In Maths we were finishing up our division topic by continuing to look at using arrays. We were supposed to be doing Outdoor Maths however, due to the weather Miss Baldacci decided to bring the outdoor materials into us so we could still complete the same tasks.

As you can see we have been very busy, have a lovely long weekend! Miss Baldacci.

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