This Week in P7A!!

This week in P7A we have been making frames for are Winston Churchill pictures. All the P7s loved there trip to the academy. P7A and P7B have been watching a documentary on the BLITZ it is called BLITZ street .In this documentary they have made a street made for the same material as they used in 1939. They also have the same bombs that were used in the BLITZ they set the bombs off it see what the BLITZ was really like. P7A and P7B have also started reading books on WW2 such as Goodnight Mister Tom, Anne Frank, Friend or foe, Boy in the Striped Pajamas and The Battle of Britain. P7A and P7B have also did a comprehension task on Anne Frank when they finished they got to make a 3D Andersen shelter or spitfire. We enjoyed our academy visit and our Absafe visit where we learned lots! Come back next Thursday (21st) to see what we get up to next week.

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