A Busy Week In P7B!!

This week P7B have been working really hard, we have been learning how to divide and multiply decimals. Also P7B and P7A have been starting to watch a documentary called BLITZ street, it is about the bombs that were dropped during the Blitz. The people that made the documentary built a street of houses made out of the same materials that a normal house would be made out of during World War 2 and blow it up with the power of some of the bombs that were dropped on most of the houses. In addition we have been drawing the main leaders during the war. We have also been making a frame for the drawings. In conclusion P7B and P7A have been learning a little bit about Anne Frank, we have been learning in literacy a small task of an Anne Frank comprehension. Finally both classes have been starting reading books about World War 2 such as Goodnight Mister Tom, Friend or Foe, the diary of Anne Frank, the boy in the striped pajamas, The Battle of Britain and The Blitz and we have been making 3d spitfires and Anderson shelters. We have also been learning about the Morrison Shelter. By Greig Simpson P7B

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