P6A Castles, Time Travel and Directions

Good morning, we’d like to update you on our learning.

In our IDL we have been researching our House castles. We have been finding out who owned them, when they were built and where they are. We have found out if they are ruined or habitable. We also sequenced events from Scottish history and will find where our castles are placed within this national timeline. Nursery have kindly let us borrow their medieval castle model.

In Maths, Mr MacDonald has been investigating patterns and this week we lerarned the 8-point compass. We connected this learning with the angles we learned earlier this year. We learned words such as clockwise and anti-clockwise. We calculated degrees in turns from one direction to another using the compass points and right-angles to help us.

Our Big Writing mission is about time travel to the Middle Ages. This is a great mission for our Now and Then context. We have leanred note-taking techniques and used our notes to create new texts about the characters. We were given a picture as a prompt to make a script. We had to work as a group to discuss what the characters might say to each other. We acted out our scripts/scene in front of the class. We will be developing the script further.

On Friday afternoons, we have started a Master Class lesson. So far we have explored digital technology linked to position and movement and direction in Maths. We had choice of a remote controlled car,  an app called OSMO to use on the iPad for problem solving, sound buttons to record directions and a programmable robot called Roamer. Last week, we explored different combinations of liquids and solids. There was vinegar, cornflour, icing sugar, detergent and Sterident tablets. We used Petrie dishes and pipettes to move liquids. We predicted what we thought might happen. Our predictions were quite accurate, especially if we had made slime at home! We had lots of good descriptions for the changes that we could see! Safe to say we enjoyed the experiments. It was lots of fun but the vinegar made our classroom a little smelly!

Thank you for reading our blog!


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