Weekly Fun In P7B!!

P7B have been continuing with our topic World War 2, we have been learning about the Holocaust. Even though it is a sad to learn about it tells us what really life was like in those times. Also we have been working on making a newspaper article about when the war was declared over Germany. In addition we have also been making timelines in the period of the war. P7B and P7A worked together to find the events all around the playground. Also we have been doing an assessment in maths to do with charts and bar graphs. In conclusion we have started to bring World War 2 into homework there is activities to do with WW2 like make a poster, write a story and lots more. Finally our new Anderson shelter is made we are working to make it more realistic, like making it camouflaged or filling it with stuff that would of been in the real shelters. By Greig Simpson P7B

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