P7B Update!!

This week P7B we have been working really hard on all of our work in maths. We have been learning how to draw pie chart and pico graphs and making our own. Also we have been continuing with circuits in P.E some of then are shuttle running, sit ups, squats and lots more. P7B have been working with P7A on a persuasive letter on why World War 2 is a good topic to learn about. The letter includes formal language, to make sure that it flows and lots more. P7B have started to learn art with the new art teacher Mrs Jones. All of us are having fun and loving learning new art skills along the way. Finally our class has been learning more with our topic which is World War 2. P7B have started to build an Anderson shelter out of plastic pipes. Also we have been learning who the leaders of the countries that were in the war. Also P7B and P7A have been learning what countries were involved in the war and we have been looking at atlases and on google maps at were the countries were. By Greig Simpson

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