A new year, a new term in P6A.

Happy New Year! Welcome to a new term!

This term is the beginning of our ‘Now and Then’ context. We will be investigating our house castles- Crathes, Dunnottar, Glamis and Slains. We will find out key facts about them and also learn about Scotland’s history at the times they were built.  We will learn about what life was like and important people, such as kings and queens, at these times. We’ll make comparisons to our lives today.

We have lots of ideas such as visiting a castle, making models, watching videos and looking at photographs to explain life in those times. We would like to work in groups and pairs to present what we learn. We thought about making a play or a game to share our learning. We like using digital technology but we also like creative ideas such as craft and modelling. We have ideas for art which link to castles.

We will also learn about our own histories by exploring our personal timelines and family trees. We would be interested to interview older members of our families about their childhoods. We liked the idea of learning about our clan history.

As you can see we’ll have an extremely busy term ahead of us! Remember to check the website regularly so you can see what we have been learning!

Have a nice weekend.


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