P4B are working hard!

We have been working fantastically during our first week back and have learned lots of new things. Here are a few things we have been up to:-

– Subtracting using chimney sums where we needed to exchange.

– We have also been using addition to check the answers to our Subtraction problems.

– We were given statements about the Victorians and worked in groups to decide whether they were true or false. Our prior knowledge was pretty good! We even used our class true/false cards to show our answers.

– We also did some singing with Miss Hamilton who will be working with us on Victorian based songs.

– We worked in our Reading Circles on our in class books and asked each other questions about the text at the end.

– After looking at the story ‘Oh the Places You’ll Go’ we talked about how amazing we all are and set targets for term 3 which we are all going to aim towards.

Phew! It has been a busy 3 days and that’s not even everything we have done!

Miss Baldacci 😊

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