A New Term in P7B!!

It is a new start, we are all happy to be back. We have got a new whole school topic, then and now. P7B and P7A are doing World War 2, we are learning about what life was like in the War and what it was like to live at that time. All of us will be happy to learn about our new topic. Also we have been learning Judaism and there religion and we will be learning their language. P7B have been working with P7A on our new Big Writing project, writing a letter to Miss Rae to tell her about the new school topic. In conclusion we are also starting to get back on to maths, P7B are starting data handling. We are starting to look at graphs and learning how to draw them. Also we have been learning how to write our own survey and make a graph out of the data that we have been taking with the survey. Finally P7B have been starting PE on a Wednesday. P7B have been doing circuits with sit ups, jumping jacks, shuttle runs and lots more. By Greig Simpson

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