A Very Busy Week In P7B!!

The panto is a couple days away and everyone is very excited for the big performances for on Monday, Tuesday and also the dress rehearsal on Friday with the P1,s as the audience. Dances, songs and lines are learnt, people love that the tables could turn, will Aladdin save the day in time for the grand finale parade. When the shows are on a role, we will tell the story you have been told. Also in maths P7B have been learning BOMDAS which is brackets,of fractions , multiplication, division, addition and subtraction all in one word. P7B and P7A have been busy writing their own book in groups of 4 or by themselves. The book has to be about the nativity story, this covers all of R.M.E and literacy, The story has to be ten pages long and with a front and back cover and blurb. By Greig Simpson!

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