Class Choice Lesson P3A

We began class choice lessons this week. Our class choice lesson is on a Thursday afternoon. At the beginning of the week, we brainstorm ideas of lessons that the class want to learn about and take a vote. This week, we decided on learning about volcanoes.

First we looked at how the word volcano came about, which was from a Roman God named Vulcan who was believed to live in a volcano in Italy. Then we looked at where volcanoes are around the world and how they work. This included learning about what makes up the inside of the Earth and how it ends up spewing out in the form of lava.

Finally, we watched real lava flow from a volcano and attempted to replicate our own model. The class came up with the idea to try the mentos and coke experiment. We tried all sorts of combinations. Our supplies were, fruit juice, water, mentos, vitamin c tablets, coke, and pepsi. After modeling a bit, pupils got into groups and had a go trying different combinations of things such as shaking it up, adding multiple tablets, and pouring the pepsi into the coke to make the “volcano” erupt.

We experienced lots of trial and error, but learned a lot about science and had fun all along the way!

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