P6A Outdoor measurement and our armatures!


We were lucky to get outdoors for Numeracy this week. We took trundle wheels, long measuring tapes and metre sticks outside to estimate and measure aspects of our playground. We were quite accurate in our smaller estimates and with practise we were getting better at predicting longer distances. Did you know…

  • The race lines in the Blue Unit at 17m long.
  • The perimeter of the Blue Unit playground is 119m.

Another achievement we’d like to mention are our armatures! They are completed and on display in the main reception area! Be sure to have a look if you happen to pop into the office. We have received lots of compliments about our work. We are glad everyone likes them!

In other news, we have been learning about perimeter in Numeracy and we learned about the muscular system. We had our last P.E lesson with Mr Perez. We are sorry to see him leave but we know he’ll be great in his new job. Good luck Mr Perez!

We’ll blog again next week. Have a good weekend.

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