P6A Models and sculptures

As always, P6A have been learning lots this past week.

We have started a new Big Writing mission with Mr MacDonald. It is about a mystery break-in at a café. We started by learning about facts and opinions. On Friday we looked at real newspapers and shared what we knew about articles.

We wrote imaginative/personal stories about Bonfire Night. We were encouraged to use adventurous vocabulary, our senses and different openers to make our stories flow and sound interesting to the reader.

On Monday we learned some of the more scientific names for the bones in the skeleton. New words for us were cranium, mandible and metatarsal! On Wednesday, Mr MacDonald taught us the structure of bones using sponges, dish cloths, kitchen roll tubes and playdough! We worked with a partner as it was a bit tricky to get the layers together. This was one of our questions when we were planning our learning so we were happy to get an answer and had great fun making the models.

On Thursday our armatures became more like sculptures as we created poses, layered them with kitchen foil and finally painted them. We think they look great and are really pleased with how they turned out.

This week we also discussed our new Recognition Board. It will be used to thank all those who achieve the class focus. Each day/week we will have a focus that we are hoping to see in our class. Our names will be added to the board when we are seen achieving this focus/target. Each day, a message will be sent on Marvellous Me to let our parents know if we have had our name on the board and what focus we achieved. We think we will have lots of names on our board as we like to show off our positive skills and attitudes!

We also hope you are enjoying the panto song rehearsals! We have been practising daily and are already singing without words for some parts. P7 have asked us for help on one very tricky song. It’s called The Chase – we love it!


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