This week in P4A…

We seem to always start by stating that it has been another busy week in P4A and this week is no different!

On Tuesday we finished off our Inherited Characteristics display where the children created ‘families’ that shared characteristics. We wrote underneath what these characteristics were. This has added some lovely colour to our classroom walls!

On Wednesday it was No Pens Day to raise awareness during Dyslexia Week so in the morning we discussed our literacy activities in small groups which generated some great discussion. We also had a very active Maths session involving dropping coins into a jar, a  board game station as well as using the iPads to practice our place value and times tables!

For National Poetry Day, we wrote Autumn Senses Poems in pairs explaining what we see, hear, touch, smell and taste during Autumn. These are also now looking fabulous on the wall and it was great to see the children sharing ideas in their pairs to produce excellent poetry.

Stay tuned for next week – the last week of term!

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