P6A No Pens, National Poetry Day & Hero Talks.


This week we started a new research and presentation on our personal heroes. We have chosen from a wide variety of people including sports stars, coaches and family members. We will be sharing these in class next Friday.

In P.E, Mr Perez taught us different passes to increase our skills in games such as benchball.

On Wednesday we celebrated No Pens Day by avoiding the use of writing tools – no pens, no pencils, no whiteboard markers… We used practical equipment in Maths, atlases and laptops for geography and plastic food for French.

On Thursday, teachers started greeting pupils in the class with a ‘good morning’ handshake to welcome them to the start of their day.

Yesterday was National Poetry Day so we went out for an autumn walk, collected items such as leaves, berries and moss from the playground and wrote poems in a variety of styles. We will display these in the corridor and classroom.

In the afternoon we sketched a human figure, paying close attention to the proportions of the body. We outlined our drawings using charcoal.Some of us hadn’t used it before. The sticks were delicate and broke easily. The drawings were also easily smudged but we are happy with the results.

This afternoon we developed our listening and talking by using ‘Talking Cubes’. They have different questions or sentence starts to make us share ideas and feelings.

Next week is the last week of term! How did that happen?

Please check in with us next week. Enjoy your weekend.

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