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Hello everyone!

Another week has flown past. Here’s our weekly update!

On Tuesday, B.A.M Nuttall construction came to start work on the footpath. We got to go outside and sit in one of the mini-diggers that would be used in their work. We also got to see the large digger. Phil gave us a presentation about the different jobs that are needed in the construction industry. We learned about method statements and risk assessments. We had another presentation in assembly.

In Maths we have been using shape blocks for fractions, symmetry and tiling. We used Numicon and Lego to show equivalent fractions too.

In I.C.T we started a new Google Slide presentation as we prepare an individual talk. Our topics range from sports to animals and even the musical instruments we are learning to play.

We started looking at creativity skills and what we use them for. We created drawings from a simple V shape and came up with a huge variety of pictures.

Today we had our final golf lesson from Newmachar Golf Club. The coaches brought a giant inflatable dart board. We worked in teams to hit the dartboard and score points. Gary and Ian chose 4 star golfers to receive prizes of tees, a golf ball and a scoring pencil.One star golfer hit the bulls-eye! Well done!

Have a lovely weekend!



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