Maths in P1A

This week, P1A have been busy with lots of different maths games and activities. We would like to share with you some of our favourite bits!

On Monday morning, the week got off to a great start, as we taught the nursery children some maths games outside that we had invented ourselves. We enjoyed sharing these with the nursery and hope they had fun too! We used different resources such as sticks, number stones, shells and wooden shapes to lay our maths games.




























In class, we played subtraction games which helped us with our numbers to 20.











We have a better understanding of numbers 1-20 and the order, through ‘1 more and 1 less’ activities. When we were finished, as a challenge, some of us even worked with numbers to 100! We did really well!



















Lastly, at the end of the week, we worked through different ‘time’ stations. This helped us understand which hand is the big hand and which is the little hand, and what they tell us on a clock. We also looked at analogue and digital clocks and matched them together to tell the same time.






Have a lovely weekend, P1A!

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