Digital Technology Week in P1A

This week was Digital Learning week. P1A were very lucky and had lots of visitors in to help us learn about different aspects of digital technology and how it can support us in learning.

P6 came to our class to show us how to take and edit pictures on an iPad. We had lots of fun doing this activity in pairs. Even Miss Edwards got to have a turn! The boys from P6 also showed us a great game which taught us all about internet safety.

We had other visitors from P5 who taught us science through digital technology, using games online. In the first game, we had to read labels describing animals and drag it to the correct animal. In the second game, we had to sort objects based on their material, e.g. were they plastic or not?

To end our digital learning week, we had other visitors who taught us about the Read and Write app on the computer. This app is an add-on which works with Google Documents. It can read typed sentences to us, suggest spellings if we don’t quite know the spelling, and allows us to add pictures to any text we have written. We found the information very useful, and are hoping to use this in class sometime soon.

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