Youth Games Baton

This week P5s had a visit from Sam at Active Schools Aberdeen. He brought the Youth Games baton with him.

The Youth Games are taking place on Friday 25th May. The baton is being taken to all the schools which are participating in the games. We have been trying out different sports in preparation for the games.

Students from RGU have given us taster session of the six sports featuring in the games. Last week we had tennis and this week we tried rugby.

We learned to pass, throw and catch the ball. As the ball is an unusual shape, we had to learn a new hold.

We had to choose two ambassadors to represent our school at the games. Their photo will be displayed on the big screen.

We really liked the Games’ mascot’s name: McMurtle The Turtle!

As we try new sports, we’ll be sure to share our new skills.

Have a nice weekend.

May the 4th be with you!

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