P5A Golf with Newmachar Golf Club

Today we had a fantastic time learning about golf from Gordon and Iain from Newmachar Golf Club.

We learned the correct grip, about how to swing the club and our stance. Safety came first. We had a safety zone. We learned the phrase ‘if you’re not hitting, you’re sitting’ to help us remember.

We had to hit the ball to hit different targets. There were long ones along the floor, larger circular targets and flags to get a hole in one. We were taught a celebration dance if we got it straight in the hole.

We found we had several Pro Golfers in our class! They received a tee and a golf ball. One special award was given out to today’s superstar golfer! It was a medal from Newmachar Golf Club!

We have all set ourselves targets to achieve over the next four weeks. We were very excited to be offered the chance to tour the golf club.

We’ll keep you posted with our progress. 

We’ll be back next week. Have a nice weekend 🙂


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