P2A Global Goals: Oil Spill Clean Up

There was an oil spill in P2A this afternoon!

Today we learned all about how oil can spill in our oceans and what happens because of that oil. We made our own mini oceans and poured oil in them. We wanted to find out the best ways to clean them up. Students were given cotton swabs, paper towel, newspaper, sponges, and spoons to see what would clean the oil best. The kids worked together to get rid of the oil. What they kept learning is that they had an easy time getting rid of the messy solution into their cups, but their “ocean” would then be all dried up. Finally we looked at some solutions that people are using to clean up real oil spills today. Overall, the students have now gained a wider respect for those working in the oil industry and learned about how they can reduce, reuse, and recycle to help keep the oceans clean. Enjoy some videos and pictures from the afternoon.

Oil spill video 1 Oil spill video 2


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