P5A Global Goals & Health, Time and Music

Hello! We hope you have had a great holiday and are enjoying the warm weather!

Our first week back has been very busy!

In Maths, we have been learning to write times in different ways and developing confidence in using 24 hour time. We took our learning outside and created clocks using a variety of resources.

Our whole school theme this term is Global Citizenship and Health. We discussed what we understood already and what we would like to now more about. We also discussed the ways in which we would like to learn.

On Tuesday we learned about the Global Goals. We talked about what we thought they were about and explored the language used in them.

We used our time in the I.C.T Suite on Wednesday to create a slide about a Global Goal. We are working in pairs and are exploring features of Google Slides such as font, images and sizing. We will learn a little about all the goals but we will focus on Gender Equality, Peace, Justice and Institutions and Responsible Consumption & Production.

On Thursday we were asked by Miss Hamilton and Mrs Constable if we would sing as part of the Music Festival. We are looking forward to learning our songs and performing. This year the competition takes place at the Beach Ballroom.

We’ll update you again next week!




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