Google Classroom, Yoga and Here & There in P5A


We’d like to update you on some of our learning.

We have been learning to use Google Classroom. We have been able to log on independently. We have explored using the slides and documents for research tasks. We have been able to follow links and respond to questions. We created a slide about a famous scientist and their discovery for Science Week.

In HWB, we have worked in pairs to create a yoga sequence. This week we were taught new sequences by our classmates. We commented on how they instructed us. It was important to give clear instructions, share the task of leading the presentation and using our voices so everyone could hear.

As we mentioned, we have used Google Classroom for research. In groups we researched different aspects of Rwanda including key facts, tourism and geography.

We also created Scottish houses so we can compare them to Rwandan houses. We enjoyed working together to solve problems and use materials to create a realistic model. We will be making models of traditional Rwandan houses too.

Look out for our blog again next week.






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