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We’d like to tell you about what we have been learning recently.

Yesterday we celebrated Burns by participating in a whole school assembly. Classes shared Scots learning. Firstly, we have a very talented janitor! Mr Campbell played his guitar as P1 sang Ally Bally Bee. We liked the variety of performances from all the classes. We heard songs, poems and artwork. We learned ‘My Luve is like a red, red rose.’ by Robert Burns. Thanks to our music teachers, Mrs Constable and Miss Hamilton, who helped make the afternoon so special.

Last week we started our drumming workshops. Mrs Rose and Mr Nicol are teaching us about notes, timing and coordination. We think it has been quite easy to remember the note patterns as they are all named after drinks or fruit. You’ll hear us chanting the rhythm: ‘coca-cola, coffee; coca-cola, coffee’.

Next week we will have another football session with Redstart. We are looking forward to learning new skills with Arran.

We’ll write again next week.


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