P5A Welcome Back!

Happy New Year!

We started the week by sharing our Christmas news with the class. Everyone enjoyed writing thank you letters and we’re pretty sure that everybody in the class had a wonderful holiday!

Last Tuesday we joined P5B for Harry Potter cosmic yoga. It was fantastic and we were very active . We liked it because it told us the story of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. We enjoyed doing the tree pose but we lost our balance easily. We’ll need to try that pose again this week.

On Wednesday, we had football training with Redstart from AFC. Arran was our coach for the session. Our favourite part was the head/catch game because we had to do the opposite action to what we were told.

Last Wednesday we were studying Piet Mondrian in Art. We enjoyed painting or sticking paper to create our art. Everyone created a beautiful piece of art.

Wednesday was a very busy day in P5A! In the afternoon we were learning to greet each other and introduce ourselves in German. We have also been learning numbers to 10. Mrs Cruickshank brought in cookies and stollen to let us taste traditional German Christmas treats. Most people preferred the chocolate cookies.

On Thursday afternoon, Ms Robertson visited us for outdoor Maths. We made 2D and 3D shapes from sticks. We looked for shapes around school and thought of examples from everyday life.

Sadly we didn’t get to start our drumming workshops but we hope to start this Wednesday. We’re excited to learn new skills!

Don’t forget to check our blog again next week!


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