P5A Pinocchio Review

Yesterday we were lucky enough to watch M & M Production’s ‘Pinocchio’. Last year we got to see ‘Alice in Wonderland’ so we were hoping this would be just as good. We weren’t disappointed! This is what we thought of their newest show!

We really enjoyed the pop songs because we could sing along.’ Nieve & Ashleigh

‘We really enjoyed the pantomime because the characters interacted with us and the other children.’ Carla & Gemma

‘I enjoyed when Silly Simon was terrified of Pinocchio.’ Holly

‘I liked seeing Pinocchio come to life.‘ Erin

‘We hadn’t realised that the actors played more than one part. They are really talented being able to do different voices.’ Shanti & Emma

‘We liked it when the evil circus ringmaster got called names by the boy and Pinocchio.’ Charlie and Callum

‘Our favourite part was when the Blue Fairy turned Pinocchio into a real boy.’ Jasmine and Leah

‘We liked the slapstick comedy when Silly Simon came on stage.’  Grace & Caitlyn

‘We enjoyed the show because it was funny and entertaining but it wasn’t our favourite pantomime. We preferred Alice in Wonderland.’ Jay & Aiken


We are excited to see their next production when they return next year!

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